Pole Training

Last week I put together a video of what I have been up to on the pole in March. Been a bit held back this year as I have been ill so I am trying to get back on it now. I have a performance coming up in June so I need to make sure I have a good routine.

All of this was filmed at the Purity Studio in Reading, the last bit was done on spinny pole, which I really enjoyed for a change! Normally I get quite dizzy but I didn’t this time.

Purity Pole Rocks

Been way too busy with my Exercise to Music Qualification, so i’m sorry for not writing sooner. The past few months of theory work and gruelling practice have all been geared up to the final practical exam on Sunday in Eastbourne, where I will be assessed and hopefully pass to become a fully qualified ETM instructor. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes – Mel is also taking hers on the same day so we have each other for support which has been a huge help. Good luck Mel – i’m sure like me she’ll also be relieved when it’s over : )

I’m loving my Thursday night classes at the Twickenham venue. I’ve got two lovely groups of girls at the moment – intermediates followed by beginners. They’re all doing really well and nearly all of the intermediate girls can climb to the top of the poles now, which if you’ve seen them are SOOOO tall, so awesome work ladies!

Lots of things to look forward to, including taking over Tuesday nights at Twickenham and Jolene’s Reading Pole Jam on the 18th April where I hope to bust some new moves, ooooh yeah.

Happy poling everyone x

Weekend Drop In Pole Class – Reading

Come and join the Saturday Drop In pole dance and pole fitness class in Reading, Berkshire. This class is on most Saturdays 12pm-1pm at the Purity Studio in West Reading.

This class is suitable for Beginners to Advance, each individual works to their own level.

The class is £10 or £9 to existing students.

You’ll get more pole time than any other drop class in the area as we have no more than 2 students per pole for this class. Please see the website for spaces available.

You are welcome to book your space in advance through the website, please call Purity on 07961 054 863 if you want to book on the day. If you turn up and there are already 10 in the class you’ll be turned away.

The drop in class is great for those new beginners wanting to do a taster, and is also great for those with experience wanting to learn new moves, and also for those struggling with a move.

You don’t have to be a Purity student to come to this class.

Pole Dancing Classes, Reading – *Now 1 per pole!*

I have now changed all the Intermediate and Advance course classes to be one student per pole at the Purity Studio in Reading. Many of you know I prefer teaching this way, and now I have my own studio I thought I would take advantage of it more. The price is still £60 for a one month course. I do believe Purity is the only school in Reading and surrounding areas offering such a good deal!

Finding a good pole school

People still think that learning to pole dance is a lot of money, but I will help you understand why the price can be more than an aerobic type class…

-Pole classes are generally take more work before and after a class, as you need to set up and take down the poles, most venues charge for this extra time.

-Pole Dancing classes are normally much smaller than other exercise classes, for example in Aerobics you can have 30 people in a class, but for pole you shouldn’t really have more than 8 students per teacher, as it is very technical, and students safety is very important.

-There should not be many students on each pole, once you are warmed up it is important to keep warm, if there are 4 of you on a pole you will be standing around a lot of the time cooling off before its your next go…..very dangerous! What was the point in warming up in the first place!!

Many pole schools are finding ways to be able to keep costs down, but do ask some questions before hand to know that the classes are good and you will be safe, rather than being ‘cheap tack’ and also in some cases, ‘expensive tack’!

Here are some good questions to ask:

  • How many people are in the class?
  • How long is the class?
  • What will I learn from a course?
  • How many students are on each pole?
  • What qualifications does the teacher have?
  • Are the Instructors insured?
  • How long have they been teaching?
  • Do they regularly update their training?

These questions should be asked when ever you are exploring a new school, and if a school has nothing to hide they won’t mind answering all of them for you.

Just because a school charges a lot of money does not mean they are good, I know places that charge £140 for a 6 week course and have 2 poles and up to 14 students in a class!!! I also know other places that charge £5 and have 10 students to one pole.

Pole Dancing can be a dangerous activity so make sure you are getting taught by someone who is gonna look out for your safety!

New Trick Shots

I had some new trick shots done a couple of weeks ago by Jason Parlour, I think they are my favourite ones ever!!! These were all taken at the Purity Studio in Reading. Jason is available for pole photo shoots, I will be organising a photo shoot for the Purity students in the next couple of months.

Knee Hold


Flag Bent Legs

Straight Edge


Favourite Pole Sit

Flag Arrow


Handspring Jacknife