Purity Pole Dancing Studio!!!

I have now found a cute lil studio to run the Purity Pole Classes from. Its in Reading near Reading West Station just off the Oxford Road.
At the moment it’s being refurbished but I’ve been promised it will be ready for 1st August 2008, I can’t wait!!

I’m going to put up 5 Xpoles, lots of mats and a couple of trick mats. Mirrors will be installed later in August.

I have got the free pole dance tasters on 6th August for new polers and a pole jam for the more experienced ones on Sun 24th August 1-4pm.

Pole Lessons Beginners, Intermediate and Advance will be starting early August, see the website for more details www.puritypoledancing.com.

Fitness Pilates, Aerobics and Belly Dancing will be coming to the Purity Studio later this year.

Watch this space for pictures of the new studio in a couple of weeks time.

Glastonbury 2008

I went to Glastonbury this year for the 4th time, and I had a fantastic time! I saw a dragon, became a demon, saw a live show of ‘Who’s line is it anyway?’, saw a kiddy in a cowsuit running round a pen, blew glass, walked on stilts and danced to some of the best Techno ever by Rowland the Bastard!

Unfortunately I did not see any pole dance performers so I created the entertainment for myself!

My first Blog

I thought I’d start this blog, so that I can start to record my progress on the pole, and keep people informed of any performances I’m involved with, as well as sharing any great videos or Pole information I find.